Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need table reservations?Reservations are recommended if you’re planning to have a full meal, particularly for large parties and during peak hours. Walk-ins are always welcome and there are always some tables and the bar left unreserved for full service and light dining.

Please use the OpenTable widget to make your reservation. If you do not find a time or date online, call the restaurant at 617-423-0069 and speak to a reservationist.

Can I reserve a table just to enjoy the music and/or light eating and cocktails?We sense your free spirit and we dig it. Since we are only able to accommodate table reservations for full meals in our dining room, we ask you to enjoy the band and sit back in our spacious bar & lounge area, available on a first come first serve basis.

IS THERE A COVER CHARGE FOR THE MUSIC?There is no cover charge for the music. World-class live music is complimentary and one of the elements that makes The Beehive a truly unique experience.

CAN I TIP THE MUSICIANS?Absolutely! Musicians performing on our stage are some of the most accomplished musical artists around. The Beehive always pays the musicians but your tips get them more of what they deserve and helps keep the great music happening.

CAN I HAVE A FULL MEAL AT THE BAR?Yes. There is space at our two bars for unreserved dining.

WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE?All fashions and styles of clothing are welcome. Our dress code is best described as “smart casual.” Jackets and ties, t-shirts and jeans, are all not out of place.

IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT AT THE BEEHIVE? CAN I WATCH THE MUSIC IF I’M UNDER 21?The Beehive is a family-friendly restaurant. People of all ages are welcome to join us for a full meal at a table. For the bar and lounge areas, you will need proper 21+ ID to enter.