Boston Brunch

Boston Brunch

Boston brunch at The Beehive is the perfect place to enjoy fresh, delicious food that is priced to please. Located in the South End's Center for the Art's Complex, our 541 Tremont St., Boston, MA location is easy to get to by car, train, and bus. We offer our patrons a unique and tasty brunch menu created by our highly renowned head chef, Rebecca Newell. Inspired by flavors from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and America, we are proud of our well-balanced and selective brunch menu. If you're in the mood for Boston's best brunch, be sure to stop by The Beehive any Saturday or Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Professional Service At Your Boston Bruch

Here at The Beehive, we're about more than just delivering fresh food that entices the senses. Our restaurant and bar is committed to offering all of our valued guests the most accommodating service in the city. We employ professional bartenders and servers who genuinely love what they do. We take pride in the fact that we know how to have a good time, and love to bring our guests in on the action. From live music to local art, when you come to The Beehive, you can be sure that there will be plenty for you eat, drink, and enjoy!

The Best Boston Brunch Around

If you're looking for a top choice for Boston brunch this weekend, or any weekend to come, be sure to add The Beehive to your list of contending destinations. Our kitchen is led by highly renowned chef, Rebecca Newell, and offers a great range of flavors inspired by classic American cuisine, as well as Middle Eastern and Eastern European fare. We blend breakfast and lunch perfectly, while also offering up a long list of pick-you-up cocktails and refreshing liveries. To get an idea of what we have to offer for Boston best brunch, be sure to head over to The Beehive. Make a reservation conveniently on our website, or feel free to give us a call and let us know you're stopping by.

The Boston Brunch You and Your Friends Will Love

When you're looking for a Boston best brunch, raved about by locals and tourists alike, you should be sure to check out the great selections at The Beehive. Come visit us for classic mimosas and fun with your group, the next time you all decide to get together for brunch. We always have something new going on here at the Beehive, which means you can be certain you will never be unimpressed with out atmosphere, menu, or community. Call us today at (617) 423-0069 and make a reservation for the Boston brunch you will be buzzing about for weeks to come.

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